Internal SfS Research Colloquium Spring semester 2024

Institute of Sociology, University of St. Gallen

The individual events take place on Wednesdays from 2:15 PM to 3:45 PM in Room 52-6120.

07. März: «We, You, and I », Dan Zahavi, Professor of Philosophy, Copenhagen University (online event only - attention, different time: 3:15-4:45 PM)

20. März: «Exploring the Cultural Significance of Financialised Digital Footprints», Dr. Gretilulia Ivana, University of Glasgow

17. April: «Theorie einer Ethik als Praxis», Prof. Dr. Thomas Beschorner, Institute of Business Ethics, University of St. Gallen

08. Mai: «On what there is: Sociologists doing ontology», Prof. Dr. Patrik Aspers, Institute of Sociology, University of St. Gallen

22. Mai: «TBA», Prof. Dr. Pablo Lapegna, Department of Sociology, University of Georgia, Athens

If you are interested in participating in an online event, please contact the secretary Nicole Reich Weber ( to get access.